Mx5 + headset and autovolume

Android is known for the loud volume warning and auto volume adjustment when using headset.

On my MX5, with plugged headset, it kept on reducing my volume down. When I hit the headset calibration, which obviously doesn’t have the same hardware shown as my headset, the volume auto adjust itself to turn up.

Two major issues here.

  1. The volume window is on and blocking the screen. This bothers me to the core due to the fact that I won’t be able to tap anything under that volume window.
  2. The fact that I have no control over my own volume is simply ridiculus.

Does anyone have a solution before I rage throw this garbage out of the window ?

Which headset are you using, does it have volume rockers?

Its one of the over the counter. It does have a sliding volume adjustment0_1447424810598_1447424770483361866533.jpg

Do you have other earphones or headset to test it?

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