MX5 Flyme 5 bluetooth issue

I have an MX5 with flyme I tried to connect via bluetooth a moto360 and a sony sbh50. Both connected ok. BUT the sony app for sbh50 that appear on taskbar shows “disconnected” and the features of bluetooth speaker (show call log, caller id, sms etc.) does not work. I discover that if i disconnect moto360 from android wear, sony app shows “connected” and everything works fine, but when i try to connect also the moto360 from android wear shows always “trying to connect” and never connected. :disappointed:

I tried it with a sony Z3 and everything works perfect.

Any solution?


@argp74 when does it disconnect?

So you say: it connects but after some minutes it disconnects?
If so, try to allow the app run in background and lock it in the task-manager

Else, please describe your problem a bit more :)

Really i am a newbie on Flyme OS and i dont know how to allow an app to run in background or to lock it in task-manager.
From “security” app allow both “sbh50” app and “android wear” to autorun and have all the permisions but no luck.

The problem is (as i understand) that flyme doesn’t allow 2 apps to have access to bluetooth devices at the same time.

How can i let the “sony smart connect” app to run as service? (always run in background)? Because i understand that was the problem.



Try to enable it in “Security” --> “Power” --> “App management” and now activate the app you want to keep in idle mode.

To allow an app to be run in background just open the “running app thing”, by swiping up on the touch-panel. Select the app you want to have in background and hold until a small lock appears.

e.g. my Viber messenger app has it here:

Report back please.

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Thank you very much for your help. I solve the problem with “locking” the “smart connect” and “android wear” apps in task manager. Now both devices are “connected”.
But a small thing if the moto360 disconnect from smartphone (out of range for example) i have to turn off sbh50 to connect again.

There is no way to run services in flyme? without to have apps open to background?


@argp74 I don’t know of any, but well I know little.

Maybe someone else does, either hope that they find it here or open a topic e.g. title “How to run… as service” and hope that someone might respond there.

Thank you anyway, your help was valueable !! i will try to discover the problem.

Unfortuanlly “Android Wear” and “Smart Connect and SBH50” doesn’t work properly together. Both show “connected” (with some difficulty), but when one of them disconnect, doesn’t connect automatically.
Any one else had try both smartwatch and bluetooth headset (with its own app like sony SBH50) that work together on Flyme 5 (i try and I have also one Plantronics M55 and the “plantronics hub” app can’t show the battery level.
There is any way to give a feedback to Meizu?

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