System crashes in Settings -> Flyme Account

Hi all
I want to create a Flyme-account to root the phone. When I go to Settings -> Accounts -> Flyme-Account, the system crashes and I land on the homescreen.
Anybody an idea why?


@streule1 Read the Question and Answer guideline, and add the missing information, e.g. firmware you are running on.

Try to clear the cache of the settings App.

Thanks for the answer and sorry for the missing information.
I have firmware installed. I cleared the cache, but it doesn’t help.
Maybe I have an idea why I have this problem. I bought the phone with firmware 4.5 and rooted it with busybox and supersu. Then I have frozen the apps Cloud-Service and MzAccount and a lot of other apps that I thought I wouldn’t need (weather, reader, recorder…).
After this, I updated to the latest firmware and now the root is no longer available, so I can’t unfreeze the apps again.
No clue how to get out of this situation as I ned obviously root rights to unfreeze these apps.


@streule1 reflasging from recovery with clear data selected should solve it. Method 2 of the F.A.Q.

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Thanks for the swift reply. Would this delete any apps, data or settings?

last edited by streule1 ? where you’ve find this firmware?

Clear data will remove everything, but it is the only method to solve your problem.

@Kokkie Bad, that I have to start again from scratch…😩 But I have no other option.
Thanks, really appreciate your support.

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