Flyme os 5.0A on International version - Firmware corrupt; TCCM phone

Hi, is it possible to instal A version of ROM to MX5 with I version? I tried to instal stable 5.0 but after restart I got “Firmware corrupt” error… Any ideas?

Its my first Meizu since Tueasday, so thanks for understanding :-D

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@jaboos what’s your previous firmware, what firmware are you on right now?

And read the Q&A guideline, it will help you to solve your problems faster.

@Ultrametric Actual firmware -, tried to install -
In Q&A i find guide how to install firmware - Option 1…


@jaboos people reported that it’s not possible to switch from the firmware you are on right now to the Chinese “A”.
Try to downgrade to the previous International Firmware:
And then upgrade, to Flyme, report back please it it works.

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@Ultrametric Downgrade done, but still same error :-/


@jaboos so you are now on Did you clear the data when you downgraded?
I am very surprised that this didn’t work, you could try a different “A” firmware.

@Ultrametric Yes, I am on I cleared data…

I tried and some 5.5.x.x. …


@jaboos I can’t do much for you, my suggestion is to try some 4.5.x “A” firmwares and see how that goes. (Not the latest 4.5… try lower ones, as I have read that you might get stuck on "A"that way) try older A firmwares.

As I got the Chinese MX5 and didn’t run into the trouble, so try it and report back if something works.

Maybe someone else knows more about it and will respond. :)

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@Ultrametric Ok, when I find another free minutes in work I will try it :d

Thanks anyway ;-)

Same problem with 4.2.x.x.A :weary:

Any ideas, somebody??

Just an idea : try to downgrade to 4.5.Xi version, install the same version but in A using the tutorial in “General Chat” : Install international Flyme on China Mainland phone (or something like that) but with from 4.5.XA, then go to the settings to do a complete factory reset then try to go to recovery then install 5.X.X version :)

Hi, I have same problem with “Firmware corrupt” on my MX5 international (phone model M575H)
I fount in xda forum: “If u have TCCM phone so u can istall only “I”, FW noone from “A” beta versions can be installed.”
( My phone happens to be supplied by TCCM
So I guess some of us are stuck on…


@pete lol, thanks for the information.

How did you get hands on one of those? Didn’t know they really started to sell stuff.

@Ultrametric my phone was bought from one of our operators ( and on the box there is TCCM sticker. So I guess they are the supplier of Meizu for operator. I never saw that TCCM sell directly to end user, at least here.


@pete AOKP told me that TCCM was hired to ship for Meizu, it’s a tiny garage company. And not really competent.

You could try to contact TCCM and Meizu, and ask questions about it :).
Like who will care for the warranty, and does this device have support / warranty.
Why aren’t you able to install the Chinese firmware like on all other phones, what did they do to manipulate the boot-loader.
Is it a stock Meizu boot-loader, or did they manipulate it? Stuff like this.

Would be good to know for other forum members :) If you have the time please share it.

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