\[MOD\] iOS7 Status bar + white Smartbar!

I noticed the MX3 had the iOS7 Status bar (the status bar smoothly changes colour adapting to the app’s theme) for a while already & couldn’t imagine the MX2 without such mod! :P

I’ve browsed imeizu.net a bit & finally found the patch for MX2, but with additional patch making the smartbar (which is not persistent too) white! :D

Here are the links!

iOS7 Status Bar + white smartbar

Links: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqKGkXQ
Password: li2b

Some invisible buttons fixes (replace the SystemUI.apk of the above with this one)

Links: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnenaTh
Password: xn9e

MMS app fixed (replace the Mms.apk in system/app)

The iOS7 Status Bar + white smartbar is a flashable .zip, but you can unrar it and extract the .apks :)

To install, make sure to be rooted, have a root explorer, change permissions of the .apks to rw-r–r-- , replace the original ones (you can also make a backup of the originals) in system/app & system/framework & reboot.

Also you need the **latest Xposed Framework ****here **& the tinted status bar module here (just install them & reboot accordingly, etc… (can be done after the step above).

Proof? see screenies below

Full credits to the OP

Thanks man, I’m using it and it’s great! I prefer the meizu status bar colored but I’ve found just for flyme 3.4.1… So ios is fine!

I’ve replaced systemui.odex from the first file and then systemui.apk from the second one and… Done!! :) :)

I suggest the x-plore app to do so, it’s very useful to overwrite system app

Hi guys!

Can you tell me if this patch works with the MX2 HK verion too?

Thank you!

@‘ivanisevic82’ said:

Hi guys!

Can you tell me if this patch works with the MX2 HK verion too?

Thank you!

No, only for CN version. Sorry

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