How to reorder home screen in flyme 5

I can’t create a new homescrren tab in the left and don’t know how to reorder them, any ideas please? I want to put Home in the middle and A to the left, B to the right. Check the photo!


Meizu MX4 Pro

@sfanthu move all your apps from A screen to the left ( first to the home tab then go ahed) and a new screen should be created. I hope you understand what I mean ;)

@mx4pro thanks for the reply but I tried and the apps stop on home screen. I can’t move them to the left and create a new screen, only on the right works


@sfanthu I assume they kept it a bit closer to stock android this time, to make their and our lives easier.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@sfanthu 0_1447417194514_S51113-131858-001.jpg

I dont know how but acctually somehow I got this … :/sorry if my reply didnt work


@mx4pro It was like this before Flyme 5, are you sure that you are using Flyme 5 on the MX5?
I am pretty pretty sure it’s not in Flyme 5, as it’s one of the first differences I noticed, after the upgraded.

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On Flyme 4.5 it worked but on 5 it seems like you can’t create a new screen to the left, just like IOS.


@sfanthu Nah it’s just like in Android 6, tried it on the Nexus 5.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Ultrametric no because im on mx4 pro which hasnt the flyme 5 update yet but i thought i could help anyway… sry for my mistake

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@mx4pro Yes you did, and please keep it up :) you are one of the “regulars” that provide a lot to meizufans :)
lol no need to be sorry.

@sfanthu, what is the name of time/weather widget what you have on your screen?

@adik015 The widget is named “Weather & Clock Widget Android” - - There is also an “Ad Free” version of the same widget, but you have to pay for it. ;)

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