New m2 owner with certain issues

Hey everyone,

Really glad I found this forum since I am experiencing several issues which I would like to solve:

  1. I have a chinese version m2 U
  2. There are things that seem to be missing such as the update app, clock weather widget, no headphone equaliser
  3. When I got the phone it already had the play store installed meaning I didnt have to instal google services. Is that normal? I hope I dont have a fake google play store installed.
  4. I have the youtube app installed but I can neither update it or uninstall it. It is also very buggy
  5. When watching videos, the screen shuts off after 1 minute despite watching a video.
  6. I cannot sync my email info with the email app.
  7. The wifi randomly cuts off

Should I update the firmware and if so which one. Thank you.

@Abdul__B Well, upgrade to with clear data. Read the FAQ for further information.

Sorry what do you mean by clear data. Also is version A better than U? It said in FAQ that U doesnt come with play store but mine did.


@Abdul__B it is a “modified” U version then. The seller most likely put the Google Installer on it and installed the Google Services for you.

About the “Clear Data”:
It is even pictured there…

@AOKP Oh oups sorry about that mate hehe!

This post is deleted!

Ok I guess updating pretty much fixed eveyrthing thank you guys for your help!

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