Nillikin Sparkle Case for MX5

So I found this case for my Meizu MX5. It’s a flip window case similar to s-view and it claims it could answer calls through the window. Is this true? Does the MX5 possess the certain hardware for this function to work? Or is it all lies?

Meizu MX5 International Version running Flyme 4.5.1I

Here’s a link:


The windows are just positioned at the buttons on the screen, so it will work. So the whole screen turns on and you can only see the specific button through the window. Nillkin can be trusted for that.

Does it look nice, imho it doesn’t at all, I think these casings look cheap and horrible :P

I got a similar flip case from China for 8$ from brand Rock and it works well. You can answer and reject calls with no problems while your screen is adjusted to smaller window at the case.

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