Charging Problem

I bought a Meizu M2 Note only a month and a half ago, but after recently updating to, the phone will only really charge when off, and will stay at the same power level when on and plugged in but without the charger symbol.
There doesn’t seem to be a hardware problem, more a problem of it draining too much battery when on or the phone not accepting the charge. I tried clearing all data, doing a factory reset and downgrading to 4.5.4i and subsequently 4.5.3i. Neither downgrade achieved anything.
Does anyone have any ideas at all on this?

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@Kirethidae if it’s not the firmware then i think its the charger(or usb cable!). i recommend trying several outlets from around the house and see if it changes anything. does it work when connected to pc usb?

I’ve tried five different cables and outlets, including the original cable included, and nothing changes. Doesn’t connect to the PC for more than a second, much like the charge when on.


@Kirethidae Here we go with the basic questions ;)

Did you root your phone? How did you update, and from what firmware do what firmware did you update?
Did you clear the data when you upgraded?
Does it help if you charge the phone in aeroplane mode?
What consumes the most battery on your phone, could you please share a screenshot?

Another person is having a similar problem, btw, just figured:

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