Fingerprint not working

Good afternoon, I suddenly stopped working and the fingerprint reader or the phone is unlocked or going backwards.(Version:

A wave, waiting for solutions.

Where I can delete the data of which you speak ?


The m2 note has a fingerprint reader?

Moved topic to MX5 Q&A :P.
Well, to start, what did you try yourself to solve it? And when did the problem arise? DId you try a firmware update or something? Or just nothing at all.

And please, don’t bump your own topic within minutes…

I have not tried anything because it lets me access to the part of footprints, nor have I upgraded to a new firmware update and the problem I have begun to emerge today.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I would fix it as soon as possible , thanks.


@Adrianlote reflash firmware and clear data

Meizu MX4 Pro

MX4 Pro

The fingerprint Mtouch dos not work

you only can go back or press the home button for hole time and nothing happen

I don’t know why this is so?

What can i doo

I have the same problem on newest flyme :(

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