Camera lag on takeing pictures on big 4:3 resolution after upate from kitkat to lollipop

after update from kitkat and flyme to lollipol 5.0.1 and flyme 4.5.5 my camera focusing or procesing but lagging 1 sec to take pic. On kitkat not having that problem. I tried flyme 4.5.7 also the same. I tried also another software for the camera still the same

On 15:9 resolution it doesn’t happen?
I can confirm that I had lag on 5.0.1 builds, and now on 4.4.2 I don’t anymore.

I had the same exact problem. In KitKat everything was fine, but after updates to Lollipop i cant take photos on maximum resollution because of this horrible lag. Really dont know how to solve. For now i stuck with second higher resolution and 15:9 aspect ratio. The difference in time when you taking the photo is really unbelievable!

@AOKP yes I tried several roms but on lollipop still the same

I thing its a global problem


That just depends of what resolution you set your camera.

Here is a screenshot, how it looks on the Mx5

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Yes but on the kitkat there is no lag even if its 4:3


@markopolo ah right, that part I didn’t read, my bad.

Try open camera or google camera, and let us know if that makes it better, please. (what other app did you try?)
Now that it happened after the upgrade and you have a different “Meizu Camera APP” in lollipop as you have in Kitkat, it could just be the app.

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@Ultrametric Its the same app in lollipop I try google cam and 4 other but still the same,im now back to kitkat

Meizu MX4 Pro

@markopolo have you performed a clean update (with clearing data) ?

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