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Hey guys I’m facing this awkward situation I cannot download anything from anywhere through out the system not even from playstore nor from browsers no where I’m on 4.5.6I and no I’m not rooted

Via Ota but my Google account didn’t work so I factory reseted it I’m not sure since when this problem is there but it wasn’t there even after upgrading to 4.5.6

@AOKP is there a way to fix this even 4.5.7I doesn’t fix this


@Vishal-Yadav If you are a bit surprised that nobody helped you, it could be because the desription of your problem was not detailed enough.

Read the Question and Answer guide and try again. Link in my signature.

There is more than one error, and so more than just one possible solution. :P More information is needed. Try to search for your error message.

If it’s a simple "Error retrieving information from server [RPC S-7 AEC-7] [RPC S-5 AEC-0]"
Look here:
Something you would have found by searching for your error-message. If not, please let us know and describe your problem, in detail.

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@Ultrametric as I said It doesn’t give any kind of error the downloading stops and says waiting to connect although Internet connection is okay and I can download everything on wifi but not on 3g ,another thing to note is that I can download anything on uc browser or any other browsers that support their own downloads but anything using system download says waiting to connect in the notification and won’t download


@Vishal-Yadav Interesting, did you set a data limit, in the security thing?

@Ultrametric yes I did but I did try turning it off also that didn’t work either and there is something I’m missing you may know, I hate meizu voids warranty in India if we root so cannot obtain any kind of logs I guess :( and it’s really irritating


@Vishal-Yadav Haha.

Meizu does not void the warranty in India if it you root your phone through the Flyme account. That’s bullshit. Rooting can not void your warranty, as long you do it through the Flyme account!

I had long long discussions with the super-moderator who says this, and his “rooting will void warranty”. He has no backup from Meizu as of now. I kindly asked him to get an official from Meizu to confirm what he is saying, but there is no confirmation as of now.
However what the super-mod from India and I can agree on is: “Any damaged caused from an user by manipulating a rooted phone is not covered by the warranty.”

Simply said, rooting alone does not void your warranty. But all the stupid stuff that you possible could do with a rooted phone, will not be covered by your warranty.

If you run into trouble and need help from a service center, just un-root your phone by updating + clear data, to a Flyme firmware of your choice.

The next time the super-mod says “rooting will void the warranty” kindly ask him to get an official statement from Meizu and publish it in the indian forum!

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@Ultrametric actually this is what the official customer support from meizu india told me I was surprised myself as I just wanted to use greenify better , anyway anything for the download bug ?


@Vishal-Yadav wtf

Could you please share the response you got from the customer support.

What did you try to solve the problem so far?

@Ultrametric well I contacted the service centre before rooting my m1 note and they said rooting in any form will void my warranty

Also I just read the official Indian forum n I’m surprised except for m1 note all other meizu devices have dedicated Indian firmware like what the hell is this shit its all the same Indian or international

I tried clearing downloads app data, rebooting, updated to 4.5.7I , removed data limit didn’t try cleaning all data as I can’t do that right now setting up everything again is so pain staking and I’m sick of that part thanks to previous android phone


@Vishal-Yadav I don’t get the no rooting policy of India.

There is no legal way that Meizu India can check or find out if a phone is rooted.

How did you update to 4.5.7I, did you upgrade from KitKat to Lollipop, without clearing data?
If you had your phone rooted previously and then upgrade without clearing data, that could be a source for trouble.
I would have done the same, just clear the data of the downloader app in the settings.
In Flyme 5, the download manager has a setting, “Download only with Wi-Fi connecti…” do you have this one too, and if so is it off?

@Ultrametric I received my phone on kitkat updated it to 4.5.6I same day cleaning data then updated to 4.5.7I without wipe from 4.5.6I also yes the switch is there in downloads but turned off 0_1447951740350_S51119-221423.jpg here this is what I get trying to download


@Vishal-Yadav I don’t know.

You can try to clear the data of the google services, log out of the google account and restart the phone. If that doesn’t work, then a factory reset might. But I don’t know.

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