Charging issue

The phone only loads the battery if it is turned off. I could not connect the phone to PC. It does not recognize it.

I have two M2 mini phones and the issue is only with one of boths. Both have last 4.3.2A ROM.

I tried many differents battery tool apps, mtk engineering solutions but I have only got that it charges during a few seconds.

What do you suggest me?


I have much the same issue with my m2 note since updating to 4.5.4I; it charges when it is turned off, and when turned on, only intermittently shows that it is charging.

Sorry. The firmware is

I have already entered to the phones like engineer mode, and I saw that the difference was in the ADC Charger Voltage value. The phone who goes well it has 47 mV , the other has 5700mV value.

Does anyone have any ideas to repair/modify this value? What is the cause of the alteration of values?

sorry the adc charger value is 5033mV


@eldelaesti what exactly did you try, what solutions and what did you do in the mtk engineering mode? And which one are you talking about

What are your settings, when the phone is connected to a PC, like what connection mode did you set?

Did you root your phone, and mess around with system apps?

Did you try to re-update and clear all data?

Sorry @Ultrametric but I don´t speak english very well.

I couldn´t charge my meizu m2 mini when it´s power on. I must power it off to charge it. In adittion, I have another problem. If I switch the phone to the PC with an USB cable, the PC doesn´t recognize the phone. I only can connect the phone to the PC by wifi (I have no blutoth on my PC)

So, I tried to test de hardware using an app (mtk engineering mode). I went to “Hardware testing/USB / USB IF Test”. I pressed the “Enable VBUS/start” key. After some seconds I pressed “Stop” key. Same process with the “Enable SRP/start” key. After I went out of “USB IF Test”. I went to “Hardware testing/ power/charge battery” and switch on the phone to the original phone charger but I have only got that it charges during a few seconds.

Some people says that following this process they got to resolve their charging problem but never to connect the USB to the PC. In all cases, everyone came charging problems after restart the mobile.

I didn´t root my phone. I tried to re-update the phone and clear all data but nothing changes in it. I´m not the only person with this issue. There is more people with XIaomi, Nexus and Meizu phones with the same problem like me. I don´t know anybody that got to resolve the problem.

My wife has the same phone like me. She hasn´t any problems. Her phone has the same configuration ( firmware). I entered to “Hardware testing/ power/charge battery” like engineering mode and noticed a difference between her and my phone. That was the “ADC Charger Voltage” value. In my phone this value is much more higher than my wife´s phone (5033mV vs 47mV). And I thought that that could be the indication of my problem.

I don´t know if I answer adequately to your questions.

Thank tou for your attention.

Did you try to re-update and clear all data?


@eldelaesti Okay, looks like your problem wont be easy to fix, at first sight. So I have more questions for you.

I don’t think that the last part indicates a problem.

The charger voltage depends on how full the battery is.
Like an empty battery charges fast, and slows down over time.
E.g. like ~5000mV could be charging from 0% to 30%.
and ~100mV could be from 95% to 99%.
Those number are just examples, to give you an idea on how it works.

Did your phone always have this problem, since the first day?
Where did you buy your phone?
Did you try to use a different charger and different USB cable?

and I just figured you aren’t the only one with this problem:

Hi, @Ultrametric

I will answer to your questions. Before that, I want to thank you for your attention another time.

Did your phone always have this problem, since the first day?

_ No. The problem started aprox. 3 weeks after the first use( I made the firmware actualization the first day)

Where did you buy your phone?

_ I buyed the phone at a chinesse web. They said me they will send me another phone. But I want to try to fix the problem before.

Did you try to use a different charger and different USB cable?

_ Yes I do. You may notice that my wife has the same phone. I tried 3 chargers and 1 USB cable (to connect to the pc)


@eldelaesti Okay, this is good.

Did you notice that the battery drains really fast?

And could you please install a battery monitor like “GSam Battery Monitor”.

Just to check how much your phone discharges, when not plugged in, and if there is a change if it’s connected to a charger.

That’s how mine looks like: charging vs not charging

Please make two screenshots like this, one right before you charge the phone (phone turned on) and one right after (phone turned on).

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the result charging or not charging the phone is the same :(

0_1447434788271_S51113-164555.jpg 0_1447434799592_S51113-164449.jpg


@eldelaesti Your screenshots only show the Voltage :P that’s normal, 3.8V should not change fast…

Like 4.2V should be 100% battery and … about ~3.4V or a bit less are 10% or so.
SO that’s not what I wanted to know :P, that’s a bummer!!! We have to find a different way to see the “mA”

@Ultrametric I installed “Ampere” app and I could see that when I enter as engineering mode and repeat the process explained in the previous post, I have actually shown that the phone is charged only for a few seconds.

Only say that I must repeat the engineering mode process because, otherwise, neither the app nor the phone receive any charging signal.


@eldelaesti okay, be aware I’m just guessing!

It could be the charging circuit or part of the firmware that’s responsible for charging.

Usually works like this: charger connected; phone decides how much Amperes / Voltage it wants to charge with.

So my guess is, either a complete reset fixes it or the charging circuit in the phone has some issue :(

I´ve just cleaned the phone, factory reseted (one more time). and formated the SD card. I have not gotten anything:worried:

Thank you for your attention. :clap:

I have more than a year an M2 Note.
Until now nothing problem happened It worked very well. Yesterday evening we are at a party and I didn’t recognise that the accu is depleted and the phone is switched off. At home I started charging with an 2A usb charger (I bought from ALI as a spare for my tablet) At Morning I seen that the phone isn’t fully charged just on 92% and there isn’t a green flash on the display, so the phone is not charging. At first I tried with the genuine charger with same result. Switch off, restart … nothing. I tried with an Ithian qucik charger: nothing. I had have to do so I putted aside the problem for a half day. When I arrived home the accu was 80% and I tried to connect to a PC normal USB port (with original cable) and this was working! Green accu and the flash on the display. With an another PC but fast charge USB port worked too. I leaved charging until 96% but I couldn’t stand, I connected with the Ithian charger again and what a surprise it worked.
Is there an explanation for this?

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