I am not heard during calls

Hi guys,

I recently bought MX 4 Pro I brought it home and as a first thing the OTA update to 4.5.7A was performed.
Yesterday I tried to call for the first time but the other side did not hear me. However when I put my speakers on loud it seems to work just fine and I am able to hear the person and the person is able to hear me.

Have anybody had this issue? Any suggestion for the fix?


@Salguson Maybe your phone is broken?
Where did you buy it from, please share a link to the seller.

I bought it from www.smartzero.sk which is official distributor for https://www.ibuygou.com/ in my country.
Is there any chance that this is a software issue?

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@Salguson yes it could be.
You can try to re-update, and clear all data. If this doesn’t work we could have a look at the engineering mode.

But the reason I asked this first, is that the MX4 Pro hasn’t been produced for quite a bit by now. It’s sold in China for like 160€, what’s cheap.

Never the less a lot of re-sellers, the bad ones, sell refurbished and broken phones, to make more money.

But as they sell it for 290€, what’s very expensive, it’s very unlikely to be a broken phone. (hopefully).
Are you sure it’s a trusted Chinese re-seller?

Anyway, for such a price as you paid for the phone, contact the re-seller and start to complain about it.

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Thanks for reply
I already wrote to the re seller today no response so far. The shop seems to be solid but you never know until you have a problem so will see. I will try to re update and will see if it helps if not I will send it back as I think I still have warranty to send it back within few days.

Just received the reply from seller that I should try factory reset and try if it will help. So will do that. I still have about 10 days to return the phone based on contract conditions.

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