Can't upgrade firmware, can't use Play?

Ordered an M2note, had it delivered to Australia.
I can’t install any apps as the Play store just does nothing, it goes through the motions and pretends to do stuff but wont download any apps.


I download this and rename to
Copy it to the internal memory, copy it the sd, copy it to the recovery, each time it tells me the firmware is corrupted and wont proceed, which it is isn’t.

So the phone is new and useless at present.



@SomethingNothing F.a.q. read it all!
I firmware is for international phones!

@SomethingNothing Hey mate good to see a fellow Aussie on here, i got my phone from about a week ago and the installed 4.5.3a is CRAP my series of events are as follows

install 4.5.4a ( had to flash via the recovery the wouldn’t install from the file browser)

follow the thread (

tada you now have 4.5.4I and a solid working play services

I have installed xposed framework and flyme tools as well ( the flyme and super su is outdated but the other two xposed and xposed installer in the zip file in comments work well, be warned it is about 10 mins rebooting and it will boot multiple times

all done :) works really well on the optus network

hope that helps

Thanks bud now running ‘I’


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