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Does anybody have connection or some addreses of some meizu people? I really want to get people to know the firm, especially in germany and im willing to stick some effort in this + i have some ideas. I will be happy for any constructive response.-… :) ty!


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To be honest, it is nonsense and would only be a waste of time.

First of all Meizu Germany is fake as I exposed in “The Lie (Part 2/2)”.
Meizu nor eFox who is responsible for Meizu Germany has a physical address in Germany.
However, you can of course travel to China and visit Meizu in Zhuhai.

But before you even think about that - Meizu and we had a very tight partnership and they even acquired former Co-Founder HondaRacer.
I tried numerous times to get Meizu to talk to us, pointed out whats going wrong inside of Meizu, but they simply did not react.
Instead they turned against us and tried to sabotage the site - which could be successfully defended by my systems.

In total I tried it 3 times overall to get in touch with Meizu - first nice and later aggressive and no one even dared to respond.

And thanks to Meizu’s great and productive behaviour, a tech giant, which I rather do not name here, (intial later is a G) is about suing Meizu for not having a GSM license, which could even mean the end for Meizu internationally and nationally.

You cannot help Meizu, because they do not want to.

Some hope came back, when Ramon (he was also named in the article) wrote Paul from Meizufans Israel, how we think about Meizu, what our feelings are and that Meizu wants to avoid a second Meizu Me. They most likely realized the influence from this site and that they simply cannot bypass it - no matter which market.

Paul was so nice to give me Ramon’s email and this is what I wrote to him:

Hello Ramon,

As I’ve pointed out in the previous time Meizufans has a certain personal value for me and therefore I am quite careful about it.

Meizu has tried a few times already to sabotage the site, therefore I try to be precautious, which also explains my averse attitude towards Meizu and its employees.

To answer some of your questions. Yes, we have future plans and these are to expand the site.

Thanks to our conflict Meizufans could grow around 100% within 3 weeks and 1000% overall within 3 months.

Before the conflict we had around 150.000 visitors a month - nowadays we serve up to 1.25m visitors a month, which equals ca. 42.000 visitors a day.

Our expansion plans would go towards the United States/North America, but also the Chinese market itself. Yet we have no plans about the last one.

In my eyes I would indeed like to regroup with Meizu as I see a benefit for both sides and this leads me to the point about “Meizu Me”.

Back then I also was a moderator and even news writer on the site. As a consequence of the downtime it was me initiating Meizufans by contacting Robin back then.

The main points for its failure were quite simple and foreseeable.

Carl lacked of any server administration experience, just like interest in the site. Actually his “50.000 members and more” consisted mainly of spambots.

A similar case cannot happen to Meizufans as all systems were manually set up and configured by me. Thanks to extensive and notorious work and partnerships I am proud to announce a fully automated server system.

Meizufans even supports the new HTTP/2 standard, which is far away from being common yet. Same goes for the replacement of PHP with HHVM.

The only manual task is uploading the firmware’s - at least to 50% (the server downloads and upload the files himself).

An additional reason in the failure of the site lay in Meizu itself. Unfortunately, users had the image that you did not seem to care a lot about the site and so your customers.

The only way for Meizu to take “control” again is to excuse officially as pointed out and listen to the problems of the people. It might be a lot of work, but the results will be rewarding overall.

This also brings me to Robin and Adrian. I know you are not good to speak about them, especially because both make fun about you and May, however they are also not good for Meizu’s image.

Robin did no good to himself when insulting his members as cancerous nor Adrian with being a OnePlus fan (can be seen on our forum). Also thanks to my article many people agree with me that they should have never been allowed to work at Meizu.

And before you ask about my viewpoint - yes I share it, especially because I know them personaliy. Both have temperament similar to mine, but definitely do not care about anyone or anything except themselves and this is what Meizu definitely needs to avoid.

It actually gives the impression that Meizu tries to provoke us as community by hiring them.

A good start to resolve some of these “issues” would be to start a cooperation on an entry level, which for example would mean to review a device.

Afterwards we can continue depending on the response to expands Meizu’s presence and for example partner up officially again.

But lastly let me point a question to you.

As I asked already in my last message - why are you writing us?

Me and also my team tried numerous times to get in touch with Meizu and cooperate, however at both cases we either were simply ignored (by Richard) or not taken serious (by Caiyi “Tim”).

Especially I do wonder, if you are officially contacting us.

The only thing I could imagine, why you are contacting us is that you dislike Robin and Adrian, but as said - it is just a presumption of mine.

I hope I was able to give you the response you were hoping for and await your response.

Yours faithfully,


End of Email

I can again wrap up all problems Meizu has and their solutions, but that would definitely blow what can fit on one site of a DIN A1 paper.

By the way, to get back to your point “I really want to get people to know the firm”:
Action S.A. and me also tried to work something out with Meizu, but they simply refused to work with the biggest distributor in Europe.

Everything is said about that here I guess.

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@AOKP Did you hear of them by now?

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