Phone isn't Charge above %85 and suddenly drop %10 to %0

Phone comes with Last week.
I installed 4.5.4i.
Now Max Charge level is %85.
How can i solve this issue?

@Conder 4.5.4i seems not an official firmware… Maybe you’ve ti downgrade to a previous version such as

@tafazzi87 4.5.4I is an official firmware, just used by resellers in Europe. It has something to do with the calibration of your battery. So try to calibrate it. If your phone is new, I would definitely contact your reseller.

Thanks for answers.
Power off device and plug to charge. Then shows %100.
But my second problem isn’t solved.
If the battery reduced to %10. Suddenly drop to %0. (Nearly in 2 minutes)
How can i calibrate it? Is there a way in enginnering mode?

@Conder Same problem for me.I open topic few days ago but no solution on this.I try calibrate,discharge phone and recharge it 3 times but Nothing.I flash 4.5.4i but no solution.I flash 4.5.3i and same problem.I search for this problem an contact with store which i bought it and i found this problem is on firmware.I russian forum 4pda said other people have this problem but no solution.If anyone knws asolution please said us.

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I would try to recharge the phone again, but make sure it is 100% empty when it goes off. So that not even the screen goes on.
Simply connect it to power then and do not boot it up until it has reached 100% again.

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