Problem: Upgrade to 4.5.7 and fingerprint lockscreen unlock stops working!

Guys, need some help on this.

After upgrading to 4.5.7 (the 600+MB inside the upgrade app) suddenly none of my fingerprint works to unlock the lockscreen!

I have been using fingerprint unlock since I bought the phone without any issues. Now I cannot get beyond the lockscreen any more. The normal password should be able to unlock it as well, but it does not work! (or I could have forgotten it).

I did some research on this, and it seems that I should be able to “clear data” via volume up + power button. However even that is asking for the password.

At this point I am not sure what else to do. I do still have access to my Flyme account and my phone is rooted. Any ideas?

Well, if you cannot unlock your phone and you lost all your passwords, you will have to contact Meizu. Unfortunately there is no other option since this an anti-theft option. So contact the Meizu customer support and see if they can help you. I don’t know their emailadress, but you could find it on their website or else facebook.


had same problem when i jumped from 4.5.5 to 4.5.6

at first i was thinking that my sensor not working cause of new firmware… then i unlocked phone with my pin code and found out that sensor is working just fine. to fix this problem i had to delete all fingerprints i had and add new ones… seems like they tinkered with something in there i dont know… i know this is not gonna help you but that was my solution to fixing fingerprint recognition… oh and btw did you tried to downgrade to version you was using before?

As I read it he tried, but somehow the recovery is locked too.

After getting desperate and about 1 day of losing access to my phone, I entered the wrong password 15 times and locked my phone. This time, it is asking for the Flyme account password. Upon entering it, the lockscreen password and fingerprint protection is removed. The solution is the simplest thing… I wish I had thought of it earlier. Good thing I still had access to my Flyme account!

@cricketeer does the fingerprint sensor/pin work now?

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