Intermittent Charging Problem After Updating

I recently bought an m2 note only about a month and a half ago, and have not had any problems concerning the battery or charging before. Yesterday I updated to after being prompted that an update was available, and since then I’ve had trouble charging.
The charging is intermittent and flickers on and off with a multitude of chargers, including the original cable included in the box, and seems to have no bearing on what way I put the charger in or what position it is in making me think even more so it’s something to do with the update and not an unfortunate hardware coincidence.
Is this possibly a problem with the new OS and can anything be done if it is, or is that fairly impossible?

EDIT: I’ve just realised this is in the wrong forum but it won’t let me post in the m2 note phone q&a on my phone for some reason.

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