Install (native) Android 6 to m2 note

Someone tried to install the Android 6? (or Android 5)

If yes, please describe the steps.


Nobody tried because we need to port it (Android 6), We need to create a custom rom but you’ll need unlocked bootloader and custom recovery for M2 Note…

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It’s very unlikely that you will see a custom rom within the next half year for the m2.

If you want custom Roms, just buy a Xiaomi.

With Meizu and Flyme it’s easy, either you like it or you buy a different brand, as you are stuck with what you got.

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hm… it’s bad news :(

I bought last week this phone…


@mizu This is old news. :P

And yes it sucks!


@zgfg all right, thanks for pointing it out, will move it.

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