Tmall or JD models ?

Hi all,

A friend of mine comes to visit other friends in China and I’d like him to buy a MX5 directly from Chinese e-commerce websites.

When I lived in China, I used to buy on or (not taobao) and today, I can find MX5 proposed on this two websites so I’d like to confirm that if I buy the phone on one of these websites, I4ll be able to use it in France.
Below, the links:

Actually, with Google Translate, it looks like phone can be used on China Mobile or China Unicom; does it mean I cannot use it with other provider (like orange in France for instance) ?

Many many thanks in advance for your advise !



@binerf You have to check it

The M575 should work on all but Band B20.

Here is a topic that talked about the bands/frequencies already.

If you want a Chinese phone the M575 should support all important frequencies a Unicom phone has but more!

@Ultrametric : Many thanks for your feedback and link to your post.
Actually, it will be difficult to get the exact model except from Tmall on which one we can get “Mobile” (I guess China Mobile), “Unicom” and “Public” (what does it mean ?).
So, to follow your suggestion, I should take the “China Mobile” version…
Again, thank you Ultrametric.

Anyone bought his phone directly from tmall or jd ? Any feedback or advise ?

Edit: On the tmall website, we can read: 3C产品型号:M575M (USB电源适配
Looks like the good one.

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Public is the one I was talking about, that should be the m575

I don’t know the difference between m575m and m575, but there was a talk about it in this forum, if you have a look you may find it. If I remember it right, the m575 had more frequencies.

I didn’t buy it in China, so no idea.

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Hi all,

FYI, I finally received my MX5 from tmall with a small mistake, I received the M575U (China Unicom).
I took a picture of the sticker on the box:
0_1448134428919_Sticker box MX5 hidden.jpg

Hopefully, it looks working in France.


You are right when your telecom provider uses these FDD LTE frequencies in your area.

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