Going from "U" firmware to "A" firmware?

Hi guys! I’m thinking of buying a M2 Note, but the seller is selling models which originally had U firmware, on which
I (international) firmware has been installed. But I have some questions which you may be able to help with. Thanks in advance,

Can I safely install the A version on such a phone? If so, will installing the official U version update.zip from Meizu and then installing the official A version from there do the trick?

If I do this, will I get OTA updates for the A version?

If I revert to U version and keep it that way, what’s the difference between U and A versions?

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Differences are described in the F.A.Q. section of this forum.

Yes you can change, between all versions but “I” as this is limited to the International devices, what also is written down in the F.A.Q.

Be careful, it’s not about the firmware but about the model of the phone.
e.g. M571 should support more bands than the M571U… and as you may guess the Firmware U is made for Unicom branded devices that have the letter “U” behind the model number.

Ask your reseller what phones he ships you and check if it’s working for your service provider.

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