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I am currently on indian firmware. I want to switch to flyme 5 beta. My only concern is that it might not support ussd codes. Can anyone please confirm everything is working on beta? I desperately want to update to flyme 5 because I can’t live with the bugs on 4.5



Isn’t USSD just a protocol for GSM? How should your phone not support this?
Are you talking about this:

What exactly is it what you want to know.
Please state the USSD codes you would like to use.

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@Ultrametric It is a protocol. But somewhere I read that the chinese version of flyme has no code written for that. I used to have Flyme 4.5 on my Xiaomi MI3 and USSD never worked. I just want to know if the same happens with MX5 also… In India generally *123# , *111# are used by carriers to know the account details of that mobile number. (These did not work on MI3 when I flashes Flyme and it just results in a dialer app crash.

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@Nitesh-Reddy I don’t know of it, but it would be weird as the International Firmware is based on the Chinese Firmware, just has some more languages and google services.

@Ultrametric Apart from this unknown USSD bug, what else do we lose when we flash Chinese stable flyme 5. I know we lose languages and google services… But is there anything else? I am just asking because I just couldn’t go through all the questions in the forum… I contacted meizu customer care here in india and they said not to flash, but I can’t live with that keyboard bug and without lockscreen notifications…

@Nitesh-Reddy you don’t lose google services. you can install them via the flyme appstore. check my signature for a faq with differences from each firmware version. i say flash beta and see if it works,if it doesnt then roll back to 4.5

@SeaMoose I’m kinda new to meizu… so I have some questions. This forum is really helpful. Which is better? Beta or Chinese stable?

@Nitesh-Reddy the chinese stable also has english,no worries. i personally use the stable version but i was considering trying beta out … i’ll just clean flash whatever is released next ;)
shouldn’t be any difference between the two, since the changelog is just small fixes for beta .


@Nitesh-Reddy If you want weekly updates go for the Beta, if once in a while is enough for you go for the stable.
The difference isn’t big enough, anyway.

But remember if you change from Flyme 4.5 to Flyme 5, you should clear the user data, to get have a fresh and clean, new system.

@Ultrametric How do I go back to the international ROM/Indian ROM? Is it the same as updating to Chinese? Or should I do it in the adb method? My phone isn’t a mainland Chinese phone. I bought it in India.


@Nitesh-Reddy read the F.A.Q! It provides sufficient information about all firmware versions

You can simply upate the International Firmware or the International-Indian Firmware on your phone.
If you run into trouble, using the method described in the F.A.Q., let us know, please.

@SeaMoose How do I roll back? I can’t find anything on how to come back to international firmware after flashing chinese firmware on a non-chinese mainland phone. Please help.

if its not chinese mainland i guess then just like any other firmware update?
download to phone and enter the firmware using build in file explorer and its recommended to wipe.
if it doesnt work then try this

@SeaMoose As a matter of fact I did not even flash flyme 5. I received my MX5 very recently and it still is on the same firmware it came with in the box. I just have so many questions about flyme. I am a Xiaomi user and never had these many speculations about miui. Since Flyme is new to me and I just can’t have full control over the device by installing a custom recovery, I just don’t want to mess up my brand new phone. But I want to try out flyme 5 and I just want to have a back up plan if something goes wrong or doesn’t work as it is supposed to. That’s why these many clarifications and confirmations :grin:

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