menu button or soft keys

hi i need a menu button for app.

And i found this is impossible on meizu mx5

So i ask if is possible to put soft keys (like g4 nexus …)

I have root

Well did you use the search option? It could help you. AFAIK it is not possible, but I am not completely up to date.

@Kokkie yes and i don’t found

With xposed is possible ?

download a launcher and you have a menu button.(nova launcher and google launcher are the best ) ( if that’s what youre asking)
idk what you mean by soft keys… if you ask if you are able to enable capacitive (physical buttons) like samsung then no,the function is not built in. you may possibly activate the on screen buttons via xposed ( but it’s not available for our cpu. rip)

You can’t activate soft keys even with xposed.
Which app do you need the menu button for? For chrome you can change in settings to have the tab button at the top instead of integrating tabs to multitasking menu.

@Dysync what do you mean by menu,i dont think we’re talking about the same thing.

Hi evry one
I have the same problem.
That dysync mean is the menu button which appear with some apps as 3 dots (horizontal or vertical).
Personally I try Luncher, soft buttons, different modules on xposed with no success
I also sent email to meizu support tow month a go without any response.
In old post it’s proposed to modify the /system/build.prop file but it didn’t work because I can’t save the changes also with the root user. Other posts in the net said that after modifying build.prop you must clear dalvik cache.
I try all this with no success.
Perhaps my experience give you any idea.0_1447095377522_S51109-195351.jpg0_1447095447466_S51109-195212.jpg

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Did you guys try Flyme OS test firmware or later?
SmartTouch in the notification panel gives you MENU key!

IMHO, lacking of MENU key should be in FAQ.


@tomsdiner that should be clear at some point. Actually you can even click the statusbar for the menu key.
I think it would be more useful to create a thread with Flyme tipps and tricks like we had it once.

To be precise, expand fully the notification bar and find SmartTouch and activate it. You’ll get a transparent circle right middle on the screen.
Then go to Setting>Accessibility>SmartTouch and activate, and choose “Open menu” in “Slide Up” gesture. Now you can open menu by slide up the circle.

This feature is only in Flyme OS test firmware or later, whose explaination goes:

Set up
Suspension Ball: The sliding gesture Add "button to open the menu 'options.

Dear ADMIN, could you put the info above to suitable place, if necessary? En fait I’m new here and not sure what’s going on where.

@tomsdiner excuse my ignorance but why do you need a menu button for? any app that has menu buttons support has the 3 dots that do the same thing.

@SeaMoose You already have the answer :-)
Some apps do not have a soft key with three dots and require a hard menu key.
One example of the apps is Twicca, which I can’t lose.

@tomsdiner ahh. i understand.

i try this guide :

need any root file manager (Es File Manager)
go to / > system
search build.prop
open as text editor

hope it useful to you.cheer :D

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is good but the recent button not working i with flyme 5

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