Meizu M2 Mini Touch Screen Sensitivity

Do you exprience any touch screen lag on your m2 mini? I feel like its not much sensitive.
What do you think guys?

I received one yesterday and didn’t mention any lag in the touch screen. Which firmware are you using?

I am using 4.5.4I firmware. Its not much but it feels like its not sensitive as any iphone or samsung. Not a big difference but when you get another phone you can feel the difference. Maybe it is only in my m2, I dont know.

Sorry but where you 've found 4.5.4I ?

Got around 5 phones in my hand today and did not mention a lag at all. So it could be your phone or it could be firmware related. I am running

Can you test the keyboard please? generally it feels like less sensitive while writing.

4.5.4I link -->
it can be installed in a different way to the non-international devices. if you dont know the way please do not install it. it contains a system.img file which can be written over the current system by a terminal emulator apk. I warn you if you dont know how to install international firmware to non-international devices please do not deal with it.

I am sorry, but I cannot help you further, since I do not experience your problem. I tried it with the keyboard and it is as responsive as a Iphone, Xiaomi and Samsung.

@Kokkie than maybe mine had problem. I already sold it and didnt get any bad feedback. thanks anyway. good to hear that you did not experience any touch screen problem so I can order another one. thanks mate.

I noticed the same. Not extremely annoying but constantly, one or two letters are missed out when you write a text.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@tugrahan06 you might have flashed a offical Rom on your phone before selling it

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