M1 note will not start nor enter the recovery mode

Hey guys, i have problem about my M1 note,

yesterday i tried to update my firmware to the latest version (had 4.2.x -dont know the exact number) Flyme OS 4.5.6I from the official website http://www.flyme.cn/en/firmwarelist-38-1.html .

The problem is, that I havent read much about the updating process and only read the Meizu official advice about updating, wich is at best very poor. So instead of putting the whole ZIP folder into phone, I extracted it and put all files into it, then I restarted a phone in order to enter the recovery mode, but that didnt happen, phone wont boot normaly, nor the recovery, just flashes every 5s when im holding power+volume up buttons. I tried to run out of battery and then power it up and turn it on, but with the same result.

Also the phone behavior is weird when I connect it to the PC, it connects and disconnects itself in about 5s intervals and in the time when its “connected” in the device manager appears MT65xx Preloader… Im thinking missing driver for the phone?

The phone is rooted, but its debugging is off (another mistake from my side).

Now about solution… Im almost sure, that If i just could get into internal memory of the phone and erase all those update files, or maybe just a few of them, I could get the phone to recovery mode and flash clean firmware.

So, is there any way to hold the USB connection and get into the memory of the phone under these conditons? For a starters the driver could be helpful, but i could really use a help getting into the memory.

Firmware 4.2.x


Basically the phone should still boot, even if you extracted the files.
Try again to boot into the recovery.
But press Volume Up first and THEN power.

Well, I did and as I described, the “home” button just flashes every about 5s when i hold it like this and thats it… even display wont turn on… Now i googled a bit and installed the MT65xx Preloader, at first the connection between PC and phone held for about 2 minutes, now its decaying like it did before… Do you have any ideas how to get into the internal memory from there?


@valmezak you tried to flash a preloader!?!?!
That’s a bad idea for every phone, worse on a Meizu!

@Ultrametric No, I did not, i ment the USB driver for my laptop m8, the phone is without any modifications whatsoever

edit: well… exept for those “update” files in memory

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m1 note

my phone m1 note international on 4.5.7i then I was updated to later then I was not interested on that firmware then I was go for 4.5.7i but the mobile stuck on flyme logo plese help me…
I was try to get recovery the phone shows recovery file but it is empty plz help me


@mahesh just clear data from recover.

Try to flash stock recovery through sp flash tool it worked for me. Then place update. Zip in memory card and flash the firmware…

Go on amazon to buy them

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@Amelia-Brown removed your link, because I don’t get what he should buy there.

@dashingaditya hi… i have the same pb… after unlocking the bootlader and flashing custom recovery no more custom or stock recovery mode…
can u pls share scatter file or solution…?

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