Deleted apps came back after delete

although i have rooted the phone and uninstall with the titanium backup default apps (like weather,news,messages,meizu browser etc) after 2-3 if i restart the apps and the icons come back and re-intstalled by themsleves.Also the icons of some apps that i have unistalled are re appear in the menu without being installed.
What am i doing wrong and i cant uninstall once and for all these apps?My flyme version is

I experienced the same issue. the way i fixed it was installing supersu and granting titanium backup root access from supersu and it worked fine.
i think their root is outdated or something.

I tried that also but i cant make superu to work…because as i run the app it says to upgrade binary then it says the superu will try to restart the phone otherwise do it manually but the app auto close and even if i restart my phone manually nothing happes…how should i do it?

@zwcy try checking if you allowed supersu root access. it needs root to update root binaries.

Nevermind, i found out what you said and it worked, and i hope it lasts forever this time.Thank you very much.
Another issue just came up on mind is that some installed apps creates two almost identical icons that does the same work. The only difference is that the is already in a folder and the other not,but if i delete the one it deletes the whole app. Is there a reason for doing it and there is a fix or something fo that?

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@zwcy are you using a launcher ( nova,google etc) or flyme launcher? what apps do that?

@SeaMoose nope flyme,the apps are sygic navi,supersu,handcent sms,elevate. I can upload a pic if u want.

@zwcy yeah uploading a picture can be useful. usually there should never be two icons from the same app ,especially in flyme. try deleteing each app icon ,maybe its a self created shortcut.

@SeaMoose 0_1446985971254_S51108-143200[1].jpg
and rom manager does the same even though is useless. Deleting and reinstall doesnt fix the problem im just wondering if there is a option…i will search also further for a solution…if there is. And yeah as it seems its a self created shortcut but its uselless to do it or should allow to delete the one of the two icons.

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ah. check if you froze the apps using titanium backup and then defrosted them :) that’s most likely the issue.
i remember freezing an app and i just defrosted it while on flyme launcher and the app is appeared twice.

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@SeaMoose what do you mean with froze and defroze?

@zwcy did you freeze any app using titanium backup? if not then it’s not it.
you can solve it by either : download app hider and hide the apps that show up twice and see if it works.
or download another launcher and see if they show up there.

@SeaMoose propably not as i still can not understand the meaning of freeze an app.:blush:
I will try though these two solutions you recommend and see if it will be fixed.
Thank you very much for your help, trully appreciated! I to be fixed and stop breaking your b**lls!:smile:

@zwcy i’m talking about this option from titanium backup
hope everything works out.

@SeaMoose Oh, i see the meaning in my languange what tottaly different thats why i couldnt understand you. And yeah it works now the system let me delete the shortcut! Thank you very much again!

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