flyme 5 on mx5 international version


i can update my mx5 intentional version to flyme 5

and when flyme 5 come to intentional version so i can back ?

somebody know when flyme 5 come to intenetional version ?

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You can upgrade to A firmware, but you will loose languages. Nobody knows when the international firmware will arrive. Meizu will announce if it is available.

yes you can update your mx5 to either the latest stable version ( or the latest beta build ( ) .
The only languages are english and chinese.
sadly no information is available for the realse of the international version,we’re hoping that the developers are working on it.

@SeaMoose thanks i don’t care to lose my language you have a guide / tutorial ?

if I wanted to go back to my old version I can?

@dvidmolla download the latest version from here for the version and from here for the latest beta version.
after you downloaded them,place them on your phone . using file explorer from your phone click the and either select if you want to erase user data or not. ( i recommend clearing it to prevent any bugs from appearing)

@SeaMoose but my phone is i firmwares i don’t need root for that

@dvidmolla you don’t need root to upgrade firmwares.

@dvidmolla Hi, was your update succesful? I got error “Firmware corrupt” everytime :-(

@jaboos hey,are you trying with the same firmware? try redownloading it .

@jaboos or you can look at my reply and actually try what i said instead of ignoring it.
how many MBs does the update have?
im sure if you check md5 sum and compare it to the official one (b141960916e6d624ec81a6ea718ecd29) im sure it’ll be different ;)

@SeaMoose said:


Update has 935 MB (981 456 456). Sorry but dont understand your last sentence about md5… I tried redownload it 3x times… same problem


@jaboos It’s a check sum, to verify that the file you downloaded is the same as it is on the server.

See it as a unique identification. Google a way to compare the md5 sums.


B141960916E6D624EC81A6EA718ECD29 it looks same for me.

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