Meizu to launch Pro 5 mini soon

@AOKP Have been using MX2 for a long while before moving to OnePlus One. 5.5" is definitely easy on he eyes but not so comfortable on the hand and hard to fit into the pocket. I have dropped the 5.5" many times more than the smaller MX2. Now I’m looking at 5".

BTW, OnePlus X has received very good reviews. How does everyone feel about PRO 5 mini against OnePlus X and also Xiaomi 4c?

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@whytea I worry about the Meizu Pro 5 mini, it’s the 9th device Meizu releases this year. How will they keep Flyme running stable and smooth, well optimized and without bugs on so many devices.

While the One Plus X and the Xiaomi Mi4c will give you a better Android exerpience. Sucks that the One Plus X has only a 32Bit SoC, that’s the only downside of this thing.

Anyway in the end the price matters too, and the Pro 5 Mini is currently at 350€… vs One Plus X ~230€ and the Xiaomi Mi4c ~250€. It would be easy for me to choose, if I had to.

@Ultrametric Thanks for the insightful comments. I read the comments from J Wong (on a Chinese site), even he himself complained about Flyme 5 for quite a few of the new changes. Feedback from Flyme 5 users haven’t been great so far too. SOme Chinese users also complained online about the SIM slots being too loose in PRO 5. They said you could hear noise if you shook the phone.

From the OnePlus X reviews I read so far, no one seemed to notice any lag in performance. The 32-bit CPU it uses was the high-end processor of the previous high-end phones as one reviewers put it. If there is no noticeable slowness in app execution, 32-bit CPU is probably OK. I’m seriously thinking about getting one :) Xiaomi 4c is also a tempting alternative…


@whytea I had the Xiaomi Mi4i, the SoC was annoying but other than this it was a good value for money. The Mi4c is better in this.

I think if they would sell the Oneplus X without invites, it would be a great phone, many will get. Hope Oneplus cuts that stupid invite system, it doesn’t fit to budget phones :D

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@Ultrametric If you are willing to pay a bit more for OnePlus X (US$319 for 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM), you can preorder it here:


@whytea I already got an invite, but won’t use it.

It’s better to get the EU or UK version from oneplus. There will also be public events to get the phone without invites.

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