Mx3 IMEI Change

Hi all,

In my country, a person is allowed to bring a phone from abroad once in a two years. So, I bought my Mx3 last year and my next turn is in 2015. :( But, I wanna buy a new Mx3 to my gf. Even if I buy it from original Meizu store in China, I have to wait 2 years :(

Is it possible to make a IMEI change on Mx3? Some clone/replica phones (generally the ones with MTK processor) can have an option to change IMEI either with *#…#* codes or MTKDroid Tools app from PlayStore. I have used a Samsung Jet and I managed to put a custom IMEI on it but I don’t know if it is possible to do it on our beautiful Mx3.

Anyone? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance…

I understand this problem in Turkey, but as of now, it’s impossible to change the IMEI of any Meizu device. Also, it would void your warranty if it was possible.


A stupid question: Couldn’t you send it to your girlfriend’s address?

Comparing the phone pricings here, I think I can accept if the warranty is voided. If I can find a way to do it it would be super awesome.

@samanen: it could be delivered at her address but the problem is it won’t receive any signals if it isn’t registered at the national authorities which only allows a person once in two years :-)

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The imei changing process is possible whit instructions from this page : LINK REMOVED.

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