Best ROM for Meizu MX3

Hi Guys, my phone is running the 4.5.7 firmware but it feels relatively slow and sluggish in my opinion. I ve heard that the 3.7.3 firmware is supposed to be the best for the MX3. Can some of you share your experiences?

Thanks in advance
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yeah since 3.7.3 is last Flyme 3 Stable release. over all Flyme 3 roms are smoother. its might be bcs its was developed only for MX3, or its Flyme 4 being too hungry. Flyme 3 doesnt look that good and miss some features but its a lot faster and smoother. Baterry life is about same for all roms for me.

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thanks for your answer. I tried different Roms up to date but the with the ART runtime did it for me. It runs wonderful and smooth.

has anybody tried ART? : )

ART is great, especially in the latest KitKat versions. It really does the trick for me. Everything runs well and as fast as possible. I would recommend it to everyone to use ART

thanks for info i might try that out

Hi guys!

Since I was bored of not flashing my phone, I finally gave up 3.7.3 (which works really great by the way) for

Even if it can’t reach 3.7.3 speed, it remains very smooth, and way less buggy than 4.5.x.
So my heart goes back and forth between 3.7.3 and which are both great and stable.

By the way I can’t get ART to work on those roms. I chose ART, the phone restarts and take 45 mins to apply modifications, but when I go back to developper options dalvik is still ticked :(

So finally, comparing to 3.7.3 , and which one would you recommend?

Hello, I installed it and everything works fine.
From what I know you never had permanently any of the flyme 4 versions, so probably you know if I can change some things that I miss from flyme 4. I would really appreciate it.

  1. can I bring the smarttouch here? (the white circle with different functions) , can I do anything to the smartbar as well?

  2. can I change the notification bar so that to have more options to change from there? Like to have 2 rows of changes there, adding mute, auto bright etc… I think I saw it somewhere in a picture.

  3. does the status bar change somehow in a way to be transparent? Or anyway if you know any better way than the default one to change.

And lastly, if I will install the default applications with the flyme 4 applications, is this going to affect the phone, the smoothness, the no-lagging or in any way my phone?

Edit: I don’t know if it’s a bag, but if an application is not open, its widget doesn’t work, or at least it doesn’t even need 2 taps so that with the first one will open the all.
Thanks in advance ,of course if you have any further tip to improve the usage of the phone, is always welcome :)

Happy New Year!

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