can't use OTG on meizu pro 5

i am using sandisk ultra Usb 16 gb dual version. Since meizu pro 5 had USB type C interface, so i got a convertor. Still i can’t use my USB on the go. Is there any special feature inside the settings, which i need to turn on to use the otg? It’s really frustrating. Guys, it will be great if someone can help me

I’m sorry that I can not help you regarding your mentioned problem.
But can you please tell me where you get your Pro 5 from and if you are happy with this device?

I just received USB-C OTG cable and tried it, works fine with flash drive, 320GB 2.5" HDD !!! and even charges other phones (and maybe more devices). This is the cable I use:

@Николай-Младенов спасибо thank-you I have xiyaumi adapter also not work as otg

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