Flashing ROM's other way???

Greetings from Portugal (sorry for the english).

Earlier today I replied on a topic about an issue regarding rooting (unfortunetely, I can’t root it although it says that the System privileges are set to open, neither busybox or Super Su seems to install) and a change of ROM, a 4.5.3C rom change to (from meizufans.eu)

Meanwhile I discovered this video with a tutorial (sort of) of a method I have never read about.


Is it safe (or even possible) to do this to change from a 4.5.3C rom to ?

In case its safe, does the change brings any othe problems such as problems with the play store?

P.S. Sprry about de confusing description but even me i’m confused about the procedures

Can anybody help?

It is safe to do so, it is even mentioned in our FAQ. You can also find how to install Google Play there.

I am not into rooting, the rooting method by system priviliges is not a full root. Please use the search option how to do full root, and please be careful.

Ok! Thanks…
I was afraid it was not possible since it´s a update from a “C” rom…

Sorry for the mini SPAM with this question throughout the forum…:(

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