Please help, I screwed up my firmware upgrade!

I tried to downgrade from to 3.7.3 but I accidentally put a corrupt .zip into my root and now my phone won’t start. I can not access the root folder to change it.

First I had a 3.0 software and I upgraded it to with this tutorial [] And it worked fine.
But then I heard that alot of people prefered 3.7.3 so I tried to downgrade. At first without the tutorial, but it gave the firmware corrupt message so I instinctively tried the tutorial method. But later I discovered that the .zip was genuinely corrupt…
And now I cant access the root folder, the phone wont boot up (stuck on meizu logo), volume up+power can get me to update screen but it’s no use, I can connect to PC and do the tutorial steps but I can’t get to the root folder.

Please help! :disappointed_relieved:

If I’m in recovery mode I can access some “Recovery (E:)” drive but it’s empty and has a total capacity on 499 MB. Could I use that somehow to feed in uncorrupted files? (sorry if I’m talking nonsense, I’m not good at this stuff)
Please help!

Nevermind, I got it to work somehow. I did the steps again with the tutorial and then before trying to restart the phone copied a uncorrupted in the “Recovery (E:)” drive and then the update worked.

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