Missing language in Flyme 5; downgrade Flyme


I get my Update to Flyme 5 too and after installation i have only English or chinese language to choose. But i need to have german language !! So, my question is… how i can downgrade to an older Version.

Greets for Germany…

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@rammsteinmeik Did you try to just apply an update to an older version, as it is described in the F.A.Q. Important is to clear the user data (clear all data).

If that doesn’t work please report it, so that we know about this problem :) In general downgrades are possible, or used to be possible.

Greets from Norway.

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Witch one is the root directory on the Phone ??


@rammsteinmeik this question was answered over and over, try to use your luck with the search function.

https://meizufans.eu/forum/search/root directory?in=titlesposts

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