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@AOKP Could you explain why you want to separate the indian users from the rest-of-the-world users by creating two different forums?

It seems to me that we now will have two places to visit in order to keep up to date with Meizu matters instead of just place…

I’m a bit confused about this decision and am just wondering what the reasoning is ;)


@generationally Hello,

AOKP said quite a bit here:

It’s simply to specialize on the Indian Firmware and Indian phones. will not cover the Indian firmware, as it has the same name as the real international firmware also the same version name, what is a brain dead move by Meizu.

Since one week I am active in the meizuforum for India, it’s a joke. There is no structure, there is no community, the moderators are motivated but not very experienced, aren’t honest, all they do is praise Meizu, and sell lies about Flyme. I am speaking my mind in the Meizu India forum, what’s not always in the favor of Meizu, so let’s see how long that goes well.

So it’s just a place specially for India, where people can talk freely about Meizu and expect fast and good support.

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Ok, I wasn’t aware that the indian firmware is so different from the Chinese/international firmwares that it needs its separate discussion place.

If something interesting happens ‘over there’, then let us know ‘over here’ ;)


@generationally As of now it’s not so very different, it’s just stupid.

No serious software developer would give two products the same version number and the same name, but guess what Meizu does!

As of now, the Indian-International Version, only remove the Flyme-Account, for whatever reason. I don’t know where they are heading, with this, and what the future will bring for the Indian-International version.

Uh and yeah, if there is something to share on both forums we will do so. I will be moderator on both forums so read through it all, but anyway it’s just getting started in India.

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@generationally well Ultrametric is right, but there is even more behind this move.

Despite the firmware many visitors here come from India and therefore I wanted to offer them a website which loads faster than this ( has its own seperate server as well).

But also it is another step against Meizu. Their forum is mainly maintained by young folks who are actually nothing else than fanboys. Instead of really trying to resolve issues they only talk all the time about how good Meizu is.

Anyway, I leave it up to everyone to use the indian forum or not. Of course I could have told NGINX to do GeoIP based redirects, but I am definitely not a fan of segregation nor discrimination.

Everyone is welcome here, no matter who he is and where he comes from.

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