Flyme OS stable (m2 note)


  • FIX: low probability of occurrence phone automatically restart problem.
  • FIX: Error interface jump into the ultimate power-saving mode problem.
  • Repair: Using voice assistant called a jump process is not smooth problems.


  • Fix: phone user feedback flash back problems.
  • FIX: Call Detail Record Select “tag number” will appear flash back problems.

Find the phone

  • New: Clear the screen lock feature.


  • Fix: Even now information synchronization failure problem.
  • FIX: Click information call reply no response to the problem.


  • Fixed: WPS canceled after user feedback system Caton problem.


  • FIX: Application of certain themes will crash.


  • FIX: When you switch Lunar calendar application flash back problems.


  • FIX: Can not Log vanke mail account issues.


  • Optimization: Added support for micro-channel campaign, exit and log back in to enable the micro-channel micro-channel campaign.
  • Fix: Use Jota + enter text, press and word flash back problems after application.
  • Fix: text input field and the problem of overlapping when using iFlytek input.
  • FIX: Sogou input method even now the issue of resuming.
  • FIX: Unable to share the problem of local video on Instagram.



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Can I update this on rooted m2

Update working for me fine. And I am rooted.

Plz share your review after this update waiting for i version for Indian version

is it stable for I version? afraid to be upgrade.
Can I downgrade if I am already updated or not?


@wijayawandi Nobody can tell you if it’s stable or not, it’s always tricky with Flyme. There will always be bugs and problems in every single firmware and every single firmware version.

I don’t have the phone so can’t tell you if you are able to downgrade or not. But I didn’t read that anybody had trouble to downgrade so far, so that’s a good sign in your favor.

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Any news for i version anyone knows when it will be release

Is it OK for me to upgrade to this with flyme What will happen to my phone? Will I be able to install Play store because it does not work at the momeny

Just update There are some changes , Personalize Center and App Center won’t included in I version from this version and later on.


@temptator what Version I did you upgrade to? Did you get the International one or the International-Indian?


@temptator so you have a flyme account, cool.

Are you sure it’s the real international one, where did you download it from?

@Ultrametric Yes,absolutely sure and I’ve just finished upgrading to 4.5.4I.It popped up automatically. I upgraded via my phone and you can download from this website, also.

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