Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • Optimization: Built-in high-definition picture Yellow Pages increase contacts.
  • Optimization: Yellow Pages search function to increase Html 5 entrance, including (a taxi, express delivery, housekeeping, etc.).


  • Optimization: Notification bar quick reply page increase keyboard frosted glass effect.
    -Optimization: the same contact sent multiple messages in the notification bar shows “Reply” button.

Status Bar

  • Optimization: update signal network type and headphones and other icons.


  • Optimization: Optimization drop-down notification bar experience.
  • Optimization: Finishing increase bulk folder icon to open animation.


  • Fix: guest mode, you can call up by searching hidden in the settings menu problem.
  • Fix: gesture wake switch failure problem.
  • Fix: opening timing DND, the point does not automatically quit after problems Disturb.
  • Repair: system language of the Hong Kong Traditional (Chinese), the menu will open suspension ball flash back problems.


  • Optimization: Expand the slide area timer dial.
  • Optimization: Increase the bottom button click effect alarm edit interface.


  • Optimization: Updated interface and interaction of third-party applications from your camera after the call.


  • Optimization: Managing album list and backup lists multiple selection function to increase slide.
  • Fix: by content classification process Click to go to Unclassified folder to open a picture gallery flash return desktop problem.

Voice assistant

  • Optimization: voice assistant adds support for maps.
  • Fixed: Voice assistant interface contact picture display is not the right questions.

Input Method

  • Optimization: When quick click of voice input, even now Caton problem.
  • Optimization: Adjustment Sogou hot word update mechanism.


  • Optimization: Event Details screen of invitees increased pending state.
  • Optimization: update a list of all the visual effects bomb box options.
  • Optimization: Update constellation dropdown Animation.
  • Fixed: non-Chinese mode, you can not display problems Hugh classes.
  • Fix: After clearing the calendar to store data subscription account unusual problems.

Find the phone

  • Fix: Local unlock the problem of failure.
  • Fix: phone connected to the computer open storage disk, after a successful lock can still see the contents of the phone on a computer storage disk problems.


  • Optimization: Reconstruction of decompression.

Theme beautify

  • Fix: Download icon in the status bar animations without problems.
  • Fix: Click Smart Wallpaper Preview unresponsive problems.


  • Optimization: Compass update mechanism to adjust the data to show more accurate.


  • Optimization: landing the account, click the password box on the right button to display the password in plain text.



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Thanks for the update but there is no any big difference which can be observed visually. What could be the next changes i.e. Big Changes… Any comments!!!

What actually this means: “Optimization: Updated interface and interaction of third-party applications from your camera after the call.”?

Meizu MX5

I installed today, so far so god, except one thing; i can’t find option to scan QR code in camera app. Anyone know?

Second thing abot camera; anyone know how to shot over voice control? Which magic word we need to say? There is some Chinese words “PaiZhao” and “QieZi” but i don’t know how to speak that. :)

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@Vrane there is an app to scan QR Codes, called scanner I think. Did you try that one?

Meizu MX5

@Ultrametric, i found Scanner app, thank you. ;)
In version 4 QR scanner was integrated in camera app, i think.


@Vrane I think it was in Flyme 5, or the first betas also in the camera. But suddenly the icon appeared on my home screen after an update, two weeks ago or so. I don’t use the app, so don’t know. Just saw the icon at my homescreen after an upgrade :)

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please can you help me ? , my meizu mx5’s camera has a very very bad focus , it focuses on close ups ok , but the far away objects like buildings and stuff are always blurry , to the point where you cant see any details , on first 3 firmwares i could somehow fix it through manual focus , then after updates it doesnt focus even that way , so im stuck , i clearly see that it is not a hardware issue cause i used to be able to focus manually , tell me can that be fixed or should i just give up on meizu and sell the phone ?
p.s. i had mx4 , mx4 pro and currently own an M1 Note , none of them had any issues with camera focusing.

@Ej-Nick make sure you’re not on manual mode…go auto and see if it works.
if not change the focus distance to infinite.

@SeaMoose the reason why im using manual is because it doesnt focus on far distances in auto mode . tried everything. Manually adjusting to infinity used to work on early firmwares on the latest one they shortened the distance of the focus till “infinity” so that doesnt work trying to figure out do i have a faulty device ? Can anyone take a pic of a building far away and send me a 100% crop?


@Ej-Nick Did you try a different camera app? I like to use Open Camera, in between. And far away isn’t just far away. Give a detail how far it should be :P What I experienced with the focus that it takes several tries to get it where you want it to be.

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I resolved my problem ! , i pressed the camera module very hard it made a clicking sound , and all of a sudden started focusing precisely !

Can You describe how did You do that exactly, my focus especialy with flash is poor as sh… I thought that Laser AF will be far better :/

@Ultrametric said:

@Ej-Nick Did you try a different camera app? I like to use Open Camera, in between. And far away isn’t just far away. Give a detail how far it should be :P What I experienced with the focus that it takes several tries to get it where you want it to be.

I downloaded open camera now and compared it to the stock camera app from firmware and to google camera. I basically checked by rapidly changing the focus point between 2 objects (my keyboard and large screen, I changed the focus by gently tapping on each object in the same spot) and it seems to me that open camera uses contrast detection focus and not laser focus and is thus slower with comparison to the other two. Before anyone jumps and says this is impossible as the mx5 has focus laser, it actually has both methods and uses contrast detection for far object focusing as the laser beam cannot hit the object at that distance. Maybe the open camera application isn’t suited well for laser focusing camras. I also tried some 4k video apps and saw they focus much slower than the stock camera app.

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