wifi, gps and bluetooth issues MX5

Dear users,

I hope that you can help me with below mentioned problems that I have been encountering quite often now.
I have written several emails to meizu, while they initally responded quickly, the are not responding anymore to me.

I have a Meizu MX5 with

Android: 5.1
Build number: Flyme OS

The below mentioned problems exist ever since I received the phone some 2 or 3 months ago.
I just did a factory reset again (third since the Flyme 5.0 upgrade) and my problems were gone for half a day and then reappeared.
The problems I am encountering:

  • Wifi isnt turning on
  • Wifi is on but turns itself off spontaneously
    -Wifi fixer app says that “wifi is stuck”
  • Bluetooth cant be turned on
  • GPS cant be turned on
  • GPS cant be turned off
  • Sometimes the GPS symbol appears on the top of the screen when a GPS dependent app is used and sometimes it doesnt appear although I have GPS coverage.

The clean rubbish command has no effect.
Reboots sometimes fix the issue, sometimes not.
After rebooting, I often encounter the message: "System process isnt responding. Do you want to close it?"
I keep the phone at high performance setting, although these settings didnt seem to effect my issues.

I never have encountered any additional issues, i.e. the mobile network works flawless all the time.
I do enjoy the phone but these problems are very enoying and I have spend hours searching the net for solutions and rebooting, resetting etc.

I dont hope anybody has the same problems but I do hope somebody can help me with my phone.

thanks in advance


@Philipp-Bethge Did you try to clear all data and reflash the firmware?

I have done several factory resets via the boot menu, clearing all data in the process.
I have not tried a manual firmware install, but will try this maybe tonight.
thanks for the answer

So yesterday I pulled the Flyme from this site and installed the update.zip, clearing all data.
My phone had no issues during all night yesterday but overnight the same issues with the GPS, bluetooth and WIFI reappeared.
Is there anything else I can do?

thanks for the help

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