Screen Illumination .

Hi Forum ,
I have had my Mx5 for over a month and it has been fantastic .
But today the screen no longer illuminates to be easily seen .
When I boot it up , I can easily see Meizu , then the Chinese operating system .
After that, the screen is nearly black .
Under zero light conditions i can vaguely make out a display JUST .
Can someone please give me an answer and a way to fix this ?
So muchly appreciated Gregg

@gregg You are not helping at all .Is your brightness slider working?Have you tried changing the brightness from Settings>Display And Brightness>Brightness?

Hi Softsolis ,
No mater what I do whilst phone loads or after , the up or down right hand side control switches dont do anything to help .

@soltsiolis said:

Settings>Display And Brightness>Brightness?

Your a legend !!!
I could only JUST make out my settings menu in a dark room .
Unticked auto brightness and raised manual brightness . ALL GOOD .
THANKYOU SO MUCH for prompting me to try and read the settings page again .

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