new lcd has dead zone - dead row

I have just replaced the lcd on my mx3. It was working perfectly, so I reassembled it and when I turned in on again the center row is not working. So now I can’t even turn off the phone. I reopened it and checked the lcd connectors, everything is in place. I am 100% it was working before because I was able to shut it off and now I can’t because the dead zone is only the center row, for example in the dial pad it’s the numbers 123, and also where the shut-off restart buttons are. This is a brand new lcd I ordered, is this hardware or software? I handled the phone very carefully when I put it back together and have done this operation on other phones with no issues. Maybe a flat cable got damaged in the reassembly?


@becritical It could be the display or something different.

What did you do with your phone to break the screen?

the phone fell, but everything works correctly and the lcd was working just a few seconds before! Could it be a faulty screen?


@becritical It could be a faulty screen, or that a different part of the phone is damaged. I don’t know, hard to say from far away :)

well I just noticed that this LCD they sent me doesn’t have the two holes for what I think is the proximity or brightness sensor, that’s strange, I bought the one that was suggested in this forum.


@becritical could you give me a link to the suggestion please. Let’s see what you got.

this is the thread

A picture of what I got 20151103001329.jpg

And this is what was shown in the product page, which matches also my digitizer with two holes there UT8DoF_XEXXXXagOFbX1.jpg


@becritical open an dispute on Aliexpress if you can. And try to sort it out with the seller.

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