System Upgrade, after removing Meizu System Apps

Hi all:

I have a Meizu m2 Note with flyme 4.5.1u and I am wanting to install flyme 4.5.1a… so far no success.

Step by step what I have done is:

Downloaded the new Rom into my laptop; then transferred it to my Meizu. Once there I go to my smartphone and search for it in the folder called Document.
Once I find it as far as I understand I should be able to click on the file and I should be prompted with an “install message” thing is once I click on it happens like what happens to this guy in the video:

Can anyone help me, please? I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot in advance

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@Juan-Angel-Martin-Gonzalez Hello

Well that happens if you root your phone and remove system apps.
Head to the F.A.Q. section of this forum and install it through the recovery mode and clear the data.

I don’t speak your language, or the language showed in the video, so it’s hard to say what apps you can select in the pop-up.

Will move your topic to the right section.

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