hard resetting Meizu m2

Dear friends


Bought Meizu M2 10 days back. I think their is no flyme account configured on first use though gmail account for created.

PROBLEM: my son put a pattern lock of 6 digit number which no one remembers. I can’t login. Meizu helpline told me to put wrong password 20 times which will give Flyme account login option but I didn’t get any.

What can I do? I found that smart phone s can be hard reset which can reinstall the OS afresh. I want to try same but couldn’t do it with so many options suggested on various forms .

Service centre is not in my city.

Can any one help me???

Thanks in anticipation.

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@Nishith you need the pattern to reflash, as far as I know.
But try Volume UP + Power, when the phone is turned off, hold it until the Meizu logo appears.

If you get in their without a pattern, lucky you. You might head to the F.A.Q. section and put a new firmware on it.
I’m pretty sure that it will ask for a pass-phrase.

It asks the pattern on power and volume+ which is not known. I hope their must be some way when it doesn’t requires pattern pass.


@Nishith you can have a look at the xda forum, there’s a guide on how to get into a locked phone.

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