Flyme OS 4.5.4i (m2 mini)

I have version.If a flash tis rom with international method which is in order can i flash this rom ?? because i have A version.

Note:Please translate the orders to understand

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I don’t know what you should do because those are versions of firmware that aren’t out (i think) latest on flyme website is… :/


@loveforever Nah, they could be on the server of Meizu, for a while. Maybe Meizu didn’t update the official page.

We don’t know yet, so it could be true or wrong, equally.

Is It for Meizu M2 Indian Version ?

I flash this rom with international method as their order said.It has mulitilanguage and flyme account works well also and root wors well

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@soupis great thanks for the information.
What phone do you have.

@kbrkbr-06 Hey, this is the real international version and not the Indian Version.
It’s very confusing that the Indian version, has the same name, but well that’st he way it is.
If you have any questions, please ask.

And the devices sold in India are International devices, so you can install the International firmware, on your phone.

@ Ultrametric What do you mean what phone i have.As the topic write i have M2 mini.This international rom is from russian site.Sorry for the scrrenshot is on my language.Greek language.If you want a same screen shot o english ask me.


@soupis I just wanted to get sure, there were links to firmware versions of the MX4 and MX5 :)

Uh and I will remove your screenshot, it shows your imei and serial number.

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@ Ultrametric Thank you for remove my screenshot.Yes it have other links for other Meizu
@zgfg Yes i flashed successfully with Method 2 from there

hi soupis, which languages are on 4.5.4i for M2 mini?


@mapoTN The International one has it all, there is to have, for Flyme OS.

Say what language you want to have, rather than asking for all.

@soupis Can you log into your flyme account with this firmware?
I am asking because the Indian Firmare has the same letter in the end as the International one, what is super stupid and confusing. But if you can log in with a Flyme account, we know it’s the real international version.

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@mapoTN Whch language you want ??it is multilanguage i inform you

@ Ultrametric Yes you can log in on flyme.

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Meizu m2

Hey @soupis thanks for the post.

Im trying to update my M2 with the firmaware I’ve downloaded from #1 and the “Method 2” you’ve pointed from the Guide, but there are no and system.transfer.list in the firmaware zip I’ve downloaded :s Am I missing something? I’m a bit lost with the terminal.

Thanks in advance.

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@Rodrigo-Peinado if you have the international version of the phone you can just use the normal way.

The M578H is the international one, check on your box

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