Total Space: Others eats it all up

Please share your storage count.
One person has a problem with it and maybe we can help him together.

Could you please post a screenshot as I am just doing, or provide information on how big your folder “others” is.
And state what you know, or guess what you think is in there.


In my case, I know that an application called Here-Maps, eats up some GBs as I have offline maps stored.
I think it counts as others, but am not sure of it.

What do you think about it, what do you guys know.

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just use space disk or something like that to find out what’s taking up space.


@SeaMoose I will follow you, whenever I see one of your posts is very helpful. Please keep it up :)

@Ultrametric haha,thanks. but idk how long ill be around here. not really pleased with the meizu firmware (the phone is awesome…good performance) … and i was considering downgrading to a oneplus x :D


@SeaMoose you aren’t the only one, with this opinion.
The firmware policy is the worst, and it continues, with the firmware support. Feels like Meizu doesn’t care about Flyme, or that the Software developer have no clue.

S51031-204310.jpg Mine is MX4 Pro 32 GB , waiting for Flyme OS 5 Beta or Stable 😴

@Ultrametric Just checked it and my ‘‘others’’ folder was 7.2GB.I deleted 2 episodes of backstrom that i had(1.46GB each) and now its 4.29GB.So that means that at least videos or movies copied to the phone are identified as ‘‘others’’.Also the file which is almost 1GB stays on the phone after installation so there’s one more GB on the ‘‘others’’ section for someone who hastn’t noticed it yet.

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In my case probably Spotify data

Has anyone had any success with figuring out what Others contains?

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