New Meizu M2 Mini several Issues

Hi, I have bought a new M2 Mini and have following problems with it. Appreciate help to resolve.

  • Not able to copy to root folder. From Windows 8 system, when copying the file it hangs in between and doesn’t allow to continue. The system says the drivers is correct and device working properly.
  • Need to upgrade Firmware into Indian version from Chinese version: Even If I successfully copy the, while upgrading it says Firmware corrupt error. (I have done the reset, checked the root access)



Well the first issue could be simply firmware related, however about the second one:
It is simply not possible for you to install it, because you own a chinese and so locked device.

Thanks for the update, does it mean this cannot be unlocked to have international / Indian version of firmware??
What is the alternate?


@hariaithal You could also use the search function of this forum and find an article about how to flash the Indian or International Firmware on your Chinese Phone.

There is a guide in the Q&A for the Meizu M2. (Link:
If you have further questions, feel free to ask :) .

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@Ultrametric said:

&A for the Meizu M

Thanks @Ultrametric, have tried few options for upgrading, but no success. I am trying going through whatever materials available on Meizufans.


@hariaithal If you have the Chinese Version of the model (so not the m578H) you can’t install it the normal way.
But here in the forum is a way, that leaves the Recovery untouched. What’s good thing so if something goes wrong and you can change to a Chinese Firmware, the normal way.

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