Need Help Please !!!

How can rotate my keyboard while texting??


@gymguy Hello,

It’s not possible to rotate the Flyme-Apps, as Flyme developers are lazy.
But for all other apps you can simply activate “ScreenRotation”.


Thank you for your reply, and you are right cause everything else does rotate , is only the keyboard that doesn’t , I even downloaded a differerent one from the app store and still wont rotate, I was hoping someone here would know how to do it or if it is possible , I really like the phone but unfortunately I have fat fingers and I have a hard time texting like that, oh well I guess im going to have to get use to it.


@gymguy As far as I know, the Meizu apps aren’t available in “rotated mode” don’t know how to say this better.

The worst for me is, that the camera app doesn’t rotate. I rarely takes pictures in “normal mode”, who ever made this thing did never hear about usability or an user friendly interface.

I hope they fix it, but doubt it, Meizu is slow at improving.

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