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Hello. Updated phone to 4.5.7a Soft but I do not like and want to do the downgrade, made from 4.5.7a> 4.5.6a and wants to below but with all other Soft is a mistake I tried 4.5.6i, 4.5.5a, 4.5.4a, 4.5 .3a what to do? I want to have soft

I have a problem with Google Play, after installing google installer gives me an error RPC-7 AEC-7 how to fix it?


@Bartek-Wytracz Did you clear the data, while downgrading from Lollipop to KitKat? This would have been required.

I had the same problem. You need to clear data for google play and google play services, restart your phone and open googleplay, make sure you agree to their terms and it should be fine.

I am also want to downgrade my meizu m1 note from 4.5.6i .Official version doesn’t work properly. Plz help


@muniphs did you read the changelog of your firmware? If not, do so.

There is something written in BOLD right in the first line for the header.

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I didn’t check it what was that


@muniphs so do it now! either go to the firmware section of use the search function.

Now i can’t see those. It shows only like this S51105-163854.jpg


@muniphs That’s why I just suggested to go to the Firmare Section of this forum or use the search function of this forum.
My last commend on this, no need to waste more time. If you have a different question feel free to ask.

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I have one app called mcent it alao didn’t work


@muniphs I have a dog and he scratches himself sometimes, what is his problem?
It’s okay to ask questions, I don’t want to be mean but make a point!

Look here if you want help for your problem with MCent:

In order to help you we need to know thing about your phone and about your problem. So you have to provide information on your problem. Open a topic and read the “Question Answer Quideline”, to post according to it.

I really very very sorry to waste ur valuable time. Sorry again


@muniphs You don’t waste my time, you waste yours!

I am here anyway. We simply can’t help you, unless you want us to help you and provide the information.

So do as you just got told, read the Q&A! Post a topic and describe your firmware your phone and your problem! And we can help you.

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