Meizu Appstore is missing

Hey, so I’ve bought the new M2 Note today, and by time, I’m starting to realize that something is wrong with this phone. It doesn’t have the Meizu Appstore or appcenter or whatever.
It has, by the way, the Google Play app, which is absolutely useless because I can’t download or update any app in there. It just keeps saying “downloading”. I don’t know what to do, if someone has a solution for me, I’d be so grateful.

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@Marek-Singer Hey, We hvae had this problem before.

The following only applies if you have a Chinese phone, with a Chinese Firmware running, e.g. "A"
Did you get your phone from China? It could be that your seller removed some Chinese apps for you?
If so re-flash the firmware and clear the data.

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@Ultrametric Well my phone model is M571 but the Flyme version is 4.5.3A which is weird, but I think that I bought it from Singapore.
I’ve tried to find how to reset the phone or at least upgrade to a right version but I’ve found nothing.
I don’t have the “ROOT” file in my phone (so I suppose it’s not rooted?) but I don’t even have the Upgrade app…
Would you please tell me or link me to a guide how to “re-flash” the phone?
Thank you

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@Marek-Singer you are cute :)

The root directory comes form Linux, it means the lowest directory, outside of every folder.

There are two ways:

  1. copy and paste the to your phone, when it’s turned on. Into the root directory, this means the top level directory.
    After this open the file browser, and click on the, select “clear user data” or “wipe user data”… or what ever it is in the language you are using.

  2. turn off the phone, hold Volume UP and Power, until the phone shows “MEIZU”, now you are in the Recovery Menu.
    Connect the phone to the PC, a “recovery” drive pops up, and on this you copy the
    Now select both entries, update and clear data! and start the update.

This screenshot shows the root directory.
Screenshot from 2015-10-29 17-34-43.png

@Ultrametric omg I’m so sorry I’m not really genius in technics :laughing: And I’m so sorry you had to bother and tell me how to do “such a basic thing” I really am lol XC
Well anyway, I’ve looked up how to upgrade in FAQ before your reply, so I’m at the manual version of upgrading.
It says “Firmware corrupt” as I keep clicking “retry”. What should I do? Should I try to remove and move the “” in the disk again?
Thanks so much :)
Edit: Because when I try to do it the easy way, that means just clicking on “”, it just asks me if I want to extract or view the file. So I don’t really know now -.- haha

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@Ultrametric By the way did I do that right when I downloaded the International (I) version instead of the “A” one right? because otherwise I must be mr dumbest XD


@Marek-Singer No, you are not. The firmware thing of Meizu is confusing! And they like to make it more and more confusing.

I’m a linux user, so think it’s funny when people can’t find the root directory :P

The I firmware, is only for international devices. It has more languages (now), and comes with the play store pre-installed. But is only for devices that end with an “H” in their model number.

I don’t have one, and you usually don’t get it from China. So guess you have a normal Chinese like most people do.
You will have to go with the Firmware “A”, it’s up to date and works nice, just misses some languages and play store out of the box.

To install the playstore either go the F.A.Q, or to the app center and install an app called “google installer” from there, and install the basic google apps, through the “google installer”.

Hope it works out, and ask if you have any questions.

@Ultrametric Ok so first - Thank you so much for your patience and your kind advices. That really helped me!
And second - YAAYY I DID IT!!!
Thx once again and have an awesome life for helping dummies like me hahah

I have the ‘M’ version of flyme and it doesn’t have meizu app store either? I try to install google play and services but they just crash. What can i do?


@pigno1999 if your phone is rooted. Then somebody messed around with it.

Just have a look at the F.A.Q. and update your phone, to a firmware “A”.

How do you know if the phone is rooted?


@pigno1999 I know that apps like CPU X and CPU Z, show it.

But if you are on a Chinese firmware but miss some Meizu apps it’s very likely that your phone is rooted.

Would it be fine if I just upgrade it to the newest ‘A’ firmware?


@pigno1999 fine with me, yes. I don’t use the phone, so I’m fine.

Work it out for yourself.

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