FB Messenger full screen

Why do not I see the full screen messenger? When you release the app in any way it appears to me like this again. What’s wrong?1.jpg 2.jpg



Thanks for posting this. I don’t use facebook, so am of no use to you at all. But someone else might be.

What firmware are you running on?
What was your previous firmware and how did you upgrade?

I see that you don’t use the Flyme launcher, did you have the same problem with the Flyme launcher?
And what launcher are you using?
Is your phone rooted? If so, what for did you root?

My version is FLYMO I, using the Nova Laucher of the original laucher I did not realize that, no matter whether root or not. My previous version was Sorry for my English.

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@jerry This seems to be a glitch with Flyme, it does not fill the screen up as I have the same problem. There is not a way around it yet other than when Flyme release a new version of their software.

My Messenger in Flyme works just fine - full screen with no problems at all

Mine working ok, Flyme

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